Hi, I'm Ivan Butyliuk (also known as volca).
Founder at my own startup, I balance this venture with a freelance product design practice, backed by +8 years of design experience.
My journey includes collaborations with both up-and-coming startups and big-name companies. Alongside this, I mentor aspiring designers. Despite my entrepreneurial commitments I am still open to longer-term freelance opportunities, hit me up!
My working style tends to be extremely collaborative. I enjoy working on meaty problems that have many moving parts and high degrees of uncertainty. Quick, iterative validation and sharp prioritization are my go-to tools against uncertainty.
Design, for me, is about creating 'aha' moments. Making things feel intuitive, obvious, and clean. Optimizing products for ease and usability by rooting decisions in empathy and context. You can benefit from having me in hybrid roles, some PMing, some code, or at the moments when you need someone to lead cross-functional initiatives.
April 2023–Now
Venturing into a builders' space and working on something new in the video production space. I'm still open to freelance opportunities, so if you are curious, please reach out!
Netflix Product Design Lead
May 2018–September 2022
Expanding global storytelling and creating tools used by industry professionals. Working with Dubbing and Globalization teams.
BuzzFeed Product Designer
June 2017–April 2018
Simplify social media planning and scheduling. Product designer on the Distribution team.
VTS Senior Product Designer
November 2014–April 2017
Leading mobile platform and core web features (management/visualization of data) for the US/Global Commercial Real Estate class.
Motion & VFX Artist
As a freelance motion and post-production designer, I created music videos, TV intros, and various animations, collaborated with production crews as a VFX supervisor, and did much more that you can't read here unless you open the browser's inspector.
↘︎ LA based
Available for work
⌁ Remote ⌁